Two Sides of Panke – 30.05.2018 – 30.09.2018

Two Sides of Panke

(Photo by Elisa Quarsell)

paintings by

Thomas Bo Henriksson, Maria Marshall, Ozren Olbina, Gesine Blanke, Timo Trux

With G23, artloft berlin presents the fourth in a series of exhibitions curated by Tanya Berlinski.

We’re looking forward to your visit to the vernissage on 30 May,19:00 – 22:00 at artloft berlin (Hof 3), Gerichtstrasse 23, 13347 Berlin.


The five artists represented in G23 each contribute a specific tangent to the body of work that explores crucial boundaries within painting. As a group, they hail from different countries and began their artistic careers in varied disciplines, but together, their paintings share a fascination for questions of perceptual limitation, transmogrification, andsubversion.

Thomas Bo Henriksson’s paintings focus on the point where the known falls away into the unknown. His works set the tone both stylistically and thematically for the other works in G23, which likewise walk the boundaries between order and chaos, the familiar and the enigmatic.

OzrenOlbina’spacked, frenetic canvases question the discipline of painting itself.  Olbina ventures to ask how much a painting can contain, while Maria Marshall seeks an inverse dynamic in order to court the silence beyond crescendo. GesineBlanke finds a tender approach to the structural. Rounding out the group, TimoTrux introduces his work boldly.


Thomas Bo Henriksson was born 1964 in Stockholm, Sweden, where he also studied painting at the Royal College of Arts. After living and working in New York, he moved to Berlin in 2000. Henriksson’s paintings evoke the idea of the event horizon beyond which all else is unknown. They set the tone both stylistically and thematically for the other works in this show, which share explorations of the boundaries between order and chaos, the familiar and the enigmatic.

Although British artist Maria Marshall is best known for her unsettling, often-controversial videos, her interrogation of existing structures also extends into painting. For Marshall, paintings serve as active meditations: “Thought paints the noise around the mind,” she says of the series, “Stille.”

Ozren Olbina was born 1981 in the former Yugoslavia. He studied painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design and lived for a time in Berlin.His visceral, confrontational style delves into the limits and the possibilities of the medium.He now lives in Toronto, Canada.

Gesine Blanke began with a career in film and is self-taught as a painter. Her work emerges through experiments with transforming spatial boundaries and attempts to bring the unseen to light. She lives and works in Berlin.

Timo Trux was born 1994 in Ingolstadt, Germany and currently lives in Berlin. This show marks his debut as an artist working in the lineage of interrogative painting.


G23 is the fourth in a series of exhibitions at Gerichtstrasse 23, a building that has become a dynamic multicultural organism, described by visitors from many corners of the world as an“edifice with an open free-spirited Berlin character.” G.23 is composed of layers of continuously developing creative activities, exploring new initiatives across various disciplines.

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Two Sides of Panke Vernissage