Die von Tanya Belinski kuratierte Ausstellung „SOUNDS THAT CLOUDS MAKE“  zeigt und führt Werke der zeitgenössischen Künstlerin LAURA BRUCE im auf. Die Vernissage findet am 18.04.2018 statt.

In complex and varied work largely accomplished over the past 20 years while she has lived as an American in Berlin, Laura Bruce has explored and excelled at paintings, sculptures, videos and performances. Over the past several years large black and white graphite drawings on paper have also become an important part of her oeuvre.

While accomplished in different mediums and painstakingly made, Bruce’s works function as transportive forces, conjuring mo- ments of revelation and surprise when one’s whole orientation is suddenly altered, challenged, and intensified.

Her drawing and sound installation Goodbye is Half the Words You Know (2008-2012) consists of ten portraits of esteemed coun- try singers coupled with Dangerpony songs (which you hear on headphones), with Bruce singing lead. You see a portrait of Dolly Parton, with cascading hair, penetrating eyes, and a wide smile, while you listen to an amazing, especially haunting and plaintive, version of Parton’s famous song “Jolene”. You are riveted by Bruce’s portrait of a stern George Jones while you listen to a searing rendition of his song “A Good Year for the Roses”, with Bruce’s voice shifting from solemn speech to caterwauling ferocity. Each song is a radical reinvention of a classic, while the installation, akin to listening booths in a library, invites an intimate absorption with both songs and drawings.

Excerpt from text by Gregory Volk, Backyard Spectacular (Reprise)

Kuration: Tanya Berlinski. 
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Time Equities Inc. und

Austellungseröffnung mit Empfang: 18. April 2018, 19:00-22:00 Uhr im The artist is present.

Ausstellungsort:, Gerichtstraße 23 (Hof 3), 13347 Berlin, Tel.: 030 98 53 88 77
Ausstellungsbesichtigung: Nach Terminvereinbarung in der Zeit vom 19. April – 22. Mai 2018

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