Two Sides of Panke (Photo by Elisa Quarsell) paintings by Thomas Bo Henriksson, Maria Marshall, Ozren Olbina, Gesine Blanke, Timo Trux With G23, artloft berlin presents the fourth in a series of exhibitions curated by Tanya Berlinski. We’re looking forward to your visit to the vernissage on 30 May,19:00 – 22:00 at artloft berlin (Hof […]

Die von Tanya Belinski kuratierte Ausstellung „SOUNDS THAT CLOUDS MAKE“  zeigt und führt Werke der zeitgenössischen Künstlerin LAURA BRUCE im auf. Die Vernissage findet am 18.04.2018 statt. In complex and varied work largely accomplished over the past 20 years while she has lived as an American in Berlin, Laura Bruce has explored and excelled at paintings, sculptures, […]